What is Flow? Flow is a one-day online conference helping church creatives connect people to God through the arts. 

Why should I attend? Because, the new digital world affords the local church a great opportunity to connect people with God through verbal and visual creative arts. Through surveys we learned creative leaders want a like-minded community and additional training. 

 Here are reasons why you should attend - 

  • You will feel appreciated and celebrated
  • You will have lifetime on-demand access to conference
  • You will receive professional and affordable training
  • You will build community with like-minded leaders 
  • You will be inspired with new ideas and thoughts  

What will I learn? 

#4 Connecting with people through art forms
#5 Working with key stakeholders
#6 Meaning and purpose of creative arts

#1 Practical ways to enhance Sunday morning worship experiences
#2 Building a creative process system
#3 Leading a productive creative team