What does a continuous learner look like?

Developing a healthy church staff team requires a group of continual learners. A healthy staff team is filled with 'I do not know it all but I want to learn' instead of 'I know it all' people. 

So ... What does a continuous learner look like? 

Here are 10 characteristics I've observed in healthy leaders and teams: 

  1. A humble posture.   
  2. Has endless curiosity.
  3. Discipline to pursue learning.
  4. Capable of being self-taught.
  5. Listens more than talks.    
  6. Views everything as a learning opportunity.  
  7. Seeks out and uses best resources.  
  8. Welcomes feedback and evaluation.
  9. Always teaching, informally or formally.
  10. Surrounds self with other learners.

I am continual learner. I spend the majority of my working hours creating and identifying resources to accelerate my growth and the growth of others. 

That is exactly why I created the Flow Conference. The Flow Conference will help your church learn how to connect people to God through creative arts. 

As church leader, I urge you to learn and keep learning. Flow Conference is a great learning opportunity and you can learn more HERE.