Flow Speaker Agreement


Flow is an online conference helping creative leaders learn ways to use various art forms to connect people with God. 

Date: April 27, 2017
Time: 11 AM EST
Location: Online


Each speaker agrees to -

  • Submit a 25-minute HD teaching video session by March 2017  
  • Upload HD 1280x720p H.264 video file via DropBox, Google Drive or any other FTP  
  • Capture speaking video with a HD camera, microphone, and lighting
  • Record speaking video at a professional onsite location (IE - studio, foyer, stage, office)
  • Promote conference via personal networks, web platforms, and social media 

Flow Conference agrees to - 

  • Edit and add video lower thirds, overlay graphics, and speaker introduction animation slide 
  • Compensate each speaker with honorarium speaker fee of $300   
  • Note: You will provide us raw video files and we will add lower thirds, overlay graphics, and animation.


Please submit the following form to confirm your commitment as a Flow Conference speaker -